Election information.



This measure amends the Oklahoma Constitution.  It adds Section 8D to Article 10.  The measure takes effect Jan. 1, 2009.  It creates an exemption from personal property tax.  The exemption would be for the full amount of taxes due on all household personal property.  The exemption would apply to certain injured veterans.  It would also apply to those veterans’ surviving spouses.

To qualify for the exemption an injured veteran would have to meet certain requirements.  First, a branch of the Armed Forces or the Oklahoma National Guard would have to have honorably discharged the veteran from active service.  Second, the veteran would have to be an Oklahoma resident.  Third, the veteran would have to be the head of the household.  Fourth, the veteran would have to be one hundred percent permanently disabled.  Fifth, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs would have to certify the disability.  Sixth, the disability must have occurred through military action or accident, or resulted from a disease contracted while in active service.  The Legislature could pass laws to carry out the exemption.  Such laws could not change the amount of the exemption.


This measure amends the Oklahoma Constitution.  It would add a new Section 22A to Article 10.  This section is related to exemptions from property taxes.  It would require a person or business to file an application for an exemption.  No exemption could be granted prior to filing an application.  The Legislature may write laws to carry out the provisions of this section.


This measure adds a new section to the State Constitution.  It adds Section 36 to Article 2.  It gives all people of this state the right to hunt, trap, fish and take game and fish.  Such activities would be subject to reasonable regulation.  It allows the Wildlife Conservation Commission to approve methods and procedures for hunting, trapping, fishing and taking of game and fish.  It allows for taking game and fish by traditional means.  It makes hunting, fishing, and trapping the preferred means to manage certain game and fish.  The new law will not affect existing laws relating to property rights.


This measure amends Section 3 of Article 28 of the Constitution.  It requires a customer to be twenty-one and physically present to purchase wine at a winery, festival or trade show.  The measure changes the law to allow certain winemakers to sell directly to retail package stores and restaurants in Oklahoma.  The change applies to winemakers who produce up to ten thousand gallons of wine a year.  It applies to winemakers in state and out of state.  Those winemakers may not also use a licensed wholesale distributor.  They must sell their wine to every retail package store and restaurant in Oklahoma that wants to buy the wine.  The sales must be on the same price basis.  The sales must be without discrimination.  Those winemakers must use their own leased or owned vehicles to distribute their wine.  They may not use common or private carriers.  If any part of this measure is found to be unconstitutional, no winemaker could sell wine directly to retail package stores or restaurants in Oklahoma.


Supreme Court Justice
Dist. 1 –– John F. Reif
Dist. 6 –– Tom Colbert
Dist. 9 –– Joseph M. Watt

Court of Criminal Appeals
Dist. 2 –– Charles L. Goodman
Dist. 3 –– Gary L. Lumpkin

Court of Civil Appeals
Dist. 1, Office 1 –– Joseph L. Goodman
Dist. 1, Office 2 –– Jane P. Wiseman
Dist. 2, Office 2 –– Keith Rapp
Dist.3, Office 2 –– John F. Fischer


Polling sites for the Nov. 4 General Election:

Carter County
Pct. Location

1 Colvert Ministry Center, Broadway & E St. NW, Ardmore
2 Heartland Plaza Living Center 2215 4 Ave. NW, Ardmore
7 HFV Wilson Center 625 E. Main St., Ardmore
11 First Baptist Church, 315 1 Ave. NW, Ardmore
14 New Hope Church of God, 412 Lake Murray Dr., Ardmore
15 Emmanuel Baptist Church, 307 4 Ave. SE, Ardmore
16 Southern Oklahoma Technology Center, 2610 Sam Noble Parkway, Ardmore
17 Ardmore Village, 2401 Village Lane, Ardmore
19 Chickasaw Regional Library, Champion Station, Ardmore
20 Asbury Methodist Church, 526 Maxwell St., Ardmore
24 Boy Scouts of America office, 411 Hwy. 142, Ardmore
25 Masonic Lodge, N. Meridian Ln., Lone Grove
26 First Baptist Church, next to museum, Gene Autry
30 Zaneis Baptist Church, Hwy. 70-west, Wilson
31 First Baptist Church, Hwy. 70, Lone Grove
32 Jehovah Baptist Church, Jehovah Rd., North of Newport
33 Springer City Hall, 1 block east of Hwy. 77, Springer
34 First Methodist Church, First St., Lone Grove
41 First Baptist Church, 107 S. 4th St., Healdton
51 Ratliff City Hall, Ratliff City
52 Fox High School gym, Fox
53 Assembly of God Church, Graham
61 Maranatha Free Will Church, 1906 Myall Rd., Ardmore
62 Mary Niblack Church, Mary Niblack Rd., Ardmore
63 Dickson City Hall, Hwy. 199, Ardmore
71 Boy Scout Hall, 100 S. Rotary St., Wilson

Jefferson County
Pct. Location

1 First United Methodist Church, Waurika
2 & 8 Jefferson County Fair Barn
3 Hastings Community Center
4 Addington Baptist Church
5 Waurika Senior Center
6 Ryan Senior Center
7 Terral Community Center
9 Ringling Church of Christ
10 Grady Community Center

Johnston County
Pct. Location

2 BancFirst, Tishomingo
3 Calvary Baptist Church, Tishomingo
4 First United Methodist Church, Tishomingo
5 Mannsville Community Center
6 Ravia Community Center
8 Mill Creek Community Center
9 Connerville Community Center
10 Bromide City Hall
11 Wapanucka City Hall
12 Coleman Community Center
13 Milburn Community Center
15 Reagan Community Center

Love County
Pct. Location

1-01 Covenant of Grace Church, Marietta
1-02 Shady Dale Baptist Church
1-03 Thackerville Church of Christ
2-04 Marietta First Baptist Church
2-05 Turner School Auditorium
2-06 Leon Community Building
2-07 Courtney Community Building
2-08 Orr Community Building
3-10 Love County Fair Building, Marietta
3-11 Greenville School
3-12 Enville Community Church
3-13 Eastman Baptist Church

Marshall County
Pct. Location

101 Oakland City Hall
102 Senior Citizen Nutrition Center
105 Lebanon Church of Christ
106 Powell Church of Christ
201 Marshall County Water Corp.
202 Madill Elementary Auditorium
204 Baptist Retirement Village
206 Little City Baptist Church
302 KYCC White Building
303 Texoma Aux. Fire District Bldg.
304 Enos Volunteer Fire Dept.

Murray County
Pct. Location

4 Shepherd of the Hills Church, 1.4 miles west of Sulphur, Hwy. 7
5 Davis Public Library, 209 E. Benton St., Davis
7 Davis Senior Center, 103 S. 4th, Davis
9 Oak Grove Community Center, Oak Grove
10 & 15 Sulphur Senior Center, W. 13th & Lindsey streets, Sulphur
12 Joy Baptist Church, Hwy. 77-North
14 Dougherty Senior Center, Main St., Dougherty
17 Hickory Senior Center, Hickory
18 First Baptist Church, 901 Division St., Sulphur
20 Pentecostal Holiness Church, 1503 W. 12th St., Sulphur


U.S. Senate

D-Andrew Rice
R-Jim Inhofe
I-Stephen P. Wallace

U.S. Representative
2nd District

D-Dan Boren
R-Robert J. Wickson

4th District

D-Blake Cummings
R-Tom Cole
I-David Joyce

Corporation Commission
Full Term:

D-Charles Gray
R-Jeff Cloud

Short Term

D-Jim Roth
R-Dana Murphy

State Representative,
District 48 (Carter)

D-John Moore
R-Pat Ownbey

District 49

D-Samson Buck
R-Sean Oliver, Madill

District 51 (Jefferson, Cotton, Grady, McClain, Stephens)

D-Tommy Cosgrove
R-Corey Holland

Local issues
Carter County

Southern Oklahoma Technology Center
$8.5 million building bond/2-mill property tax increase


Transfer E911 service to Carter County

Jefferson County

D-Michael Bryant
R-Jerry Wallace
I-Nathan Bardin

Love County

Mayor (non-partisan):
Michelle Porter
James C. Lang
Jerry Cochran

Murray County
County Commissioner, Dist. 2

D-Jim Britt
R-Joe Garrison

Proposal to change city name to Sulphur Springs