“It’s fun to get out and give,” Ardmore High School senior Vincent Baptiste said Thursday.

“It’s fun to get out and give,” Ardmore High School senior Vincent Baptiste said Thursday.
Baptiste and his fellow Dream Catchers recently sent a truckload of heaters, clothes and blankets to the Lakota Sioux reservations of Pine Ridge and Rosebud in South Dakota.

Dream Catchers is the Native American Club at Ardmore High School. The club has been collecting items for the last month to send to the reservations.

The group loaded a truck and trailer Dec. 17 and left for South Dakota early the next morning.
Ardmore Senior and Dream Catcher Stephen Bryce Wall, Chickasaw Tribal Legislator David Woerz, real estate appraiser Ron Bryant and Billy Foote went on the trip.

The project began when Deana Craighead received an e-mail about the need for heaters and blankets while Wall, Baptiste and Kelli James were in her office.

Craighead is the Indian Education Special Services Coordinator for the sSchool and advisor to the Dream Catchers.

The Pine Ridge Reservation was hit by a huge ice storm last year and some places are still without electricity.

“People are burning furniture for firewood and the kids want blankets for Christmas,” said Craighead Thursday.

The project started out with the group trying to gather about 40 blankets to box up and send in the mail, Craighead said.

However, the project grew as the students connected with the Ardmore Indian Baptist Church, Woerz and local businesses.

One woman donated three garbage bags full of homemade quilts.

A men’s prayer group gave 160 Bibles.

Members of the club made blankets and scarves.

Thirty boxes of clothes were collected.

The group was also able to get 12 cast iron, wood-burning stoves and 40 electric heaters.
Other items collected included sleeping bags, coats and gloves.

To prepare themselves for the trip, Wall, Baptiste and James fasted from Sunday evening until Tuesday.

However, due to concerns about the weather, only Wall was able to go with the truck.
The Dream Catchers plan to make the trip an annual event.

Jennifer Lindsey,