Just like the gingerbread man, no one can quite catch Robin Sullivan’s homeroom.

Just like the gingerbread man, no one can quite catch Robin Sullivan’s homeroom.

The class won Take Two Academy’s Christmas door decorating competition Wednesday.

They won with the theme “Have a Sweet Christmas,” which featured a gingerbread house and gingerbread people representing each member of the class.

“The funnest part was making the gingerbread to look like ourselves,” said Glenna Wyatt, a senior in Sullivan’s homeroom.

Sullivan’s class also won the previous door decorating competition, where the theme was countries. They were the USA and put up pictures of Take Two alumni who are currently serving or have served in Iraq.

For each competition, classes are given two weeks to design a door, which are then judged by volunteers from outside the school.

Doors were judged on creativity, neatness, beautiful colors and originality.

The students were given free rein over the decorations, as long as everyone helped decorate the doors and remained positive and respectful.

Lori Bell’s class came in second place.

The winning class was awarded a Christmas party that included games, soda, cupcakes, Cracker Jacks, red and green chips and dip.

However, even students who did not win learned a bit about teamwork.

“The entire class helped, which was pretty cool. Ms. Marsh was excited that we all helped as a class,” said Ada Caldwell, a junior in Stacy Marsh’s homeroom.

Marsh’s class decorated their door with a Christmas tree, complete with presents addressed to each student from Santa.

Jennifer Lindsey,