Week of Feb. 20

Shelby Dodd, Ardmore Basketball

Jersey number: 15
Future plans: I plan to attend OU and major in nursing
Activities: I am in Leaflets, National Honor Society, Campfire USA
Hobbies: I like texting and talking on the phone, watching TV, going to church and getting on the computer
Favorite place to eat after a game: Taco Bell
Best memory: When E-Day blocked my shot in the game against Gainesville


Quin Castleberry, Madill Basketball

Jersey number: 00
Future plans: Attend OU, study enough to get into medicalschool and earn a Ph.D; hopefully I’ll become a rock star before that and not have to worry about it
Hobbies: Basketball, playing guitar for my band Roselyn, hanging out with my friends and playing Xbox.
Favorite place to eat after a game: La Grande
Best memory: Dunking it the first time my sophomore year and winning Homecoming king