How do you make an egg float?

How do you make an egg float?

“I kept putting pours (of salt) until the egg would float,” Will Rogers kindergartner Evan Smith said.
Will Rogers Elementary hosted their second annual science fair Friday, with the preschool and kindergarten students displaying their work in the cafeteria.

“It’s lots of hands on stuff and includes math skills and reading skills and a lot of exploring,” kindergarten teacher Debra Fields said.

The students’ projects were done at home and based on activities done in class.

“We wanted to get parents to do stuff with the kids,” Fields said.

Some projects were also submitted by groups of students. Debbie Wakeman’s preschool students have been studying worms and their habitats, concluding that worms prefer dirt over wood chips, rocks or moon sand.

“They were our pets,” preschooler Mercedes Coronado said.

“They just like digging. Sometimes we give them water and dirt,” preschooler Gavon Gordon said.
Students from other classes also found the worms interesting.

“They’re scary ‘cuz they’re squishy. It feels nasty,” kindergartner Honesty Lopez said, as she touched the worms.

Other projects covered topics such as volcanos, tornados, static electricity, plants and mixing oil and water.

But most importantly, did the students have fun?

“Yes siree!” Smith said.

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