Lawmen began conducting a countywide arrest warrant sweep early Saturday.

Lawmen began conducting a countywide arrest warrant sweep early Saturday.

Carter County Undersheriff Milton Anthony said 15 officers, representing the Carter County Sheriff’s Department as well as others from the Dickson, Healdton, Lighthorse, Lone Grove and Wilson police departments, participated in the initial launch of the sweep that targets 100 people wanted for both felony and misdemeanor crimes.

Officers began serving the warrants about 5:54 a.m. following a briefing conducted by Anthony.
The undersheriff said five arrest warrants were successfully served during the early morning hours of the sweep.

All actions were without incident.

“Everything went real well during the launch,” Anthony said.

Although the initial sweep netted only five of the 100 suspects, Anthony said the sweep remains ongoing and those named on arrest warrants will be picked up as they are found.

“Some of these outstanding warrants contain information that is no longer viable, like correct addresses,” Anthony said. “Efforts will be made to correct all misinformation and the suspects placed under arrest.”

The undersheriff said the fact that arrest warrants have been issued should come as no surprise to those whose names appear on the wanted list.

“Ignoring an arrest warrant isn’t going to make it or us go away,” Anthony said.

“It would be to the advantage of anyone who knows a warrant has been issued for their arrest to simply turn themselves in.”

The undersheriff also encouraged Carter County residents to take an active role in the apprehension of those named on an arrest warrant.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of a person named on an arrest warrant is urged to contact the CCSD at (580) 223-6014 or any local law enforcement agency.

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