Local students are learning that dangerous drugs are not limited to those found on the street.


Local students are learning that dangerous drugs are not limited to those found on the street.
Sometimes drugs are as close as the medicine cabinet at home.

“Carter County has a severe prescription drug problem,” said Judy Cavner of the Carter County Health Department. “The first step to address a severe problem is to educate kids.”

Rebecca Reed, owner of Reed Pharmacy in Ardmore, has teamed up with the health department to provide a presentation to youth on prescription drug abuse.

Reed’s first presentation was Thursday at Fox to fifth and sixth-graders and seniors.

“I learned that you don’t need to take drugs that aren’t yours,” sixth-grader Destiny Martin said.

The presentation is based on a curriculum from the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association, and includes a video titled “The Road to Nowhere.”

Reed also answered questions from the students.

“She knows a lot about the drugs, and she knows what not to do and what harms you,” sixth-grader Adrianna Orta said.

The presentation is geared toward fifth- through ninth-graders, however Reed said she also received a good response from a presentation to seniors.

“Seniors need this information also. This can be an intervention,” Reed said.

The goal is to get information out that the students can use.

“I think they are hungry for this information. Kids want to know the correct information regarding prescription drugs and drug use,” Cavner said. “This provides them the opportunity to address questions that they have about family and friends.”

Students enjoyed the different perspective given by a pharmacist.

“I think it was better for a pharmacist to come because she has more experience,” sixth-grader Brittany Moore said.

“This is a caliber of information we don’t usually have the luxury to have,” Cavner said.

Reed is willing to travel within an approximate 30-mile radius of Ardmore to bring her program to students.

“I’m hoping they make the right decision when someone comes up to them offering drugs,” Reed said.

To schedule a presentation, school officials can contact the health department at (580) 223-9705 or Reed at (580) 223-7636.

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