The police department is getting some new hardware, but not all of it will be hitting the street at once.


The police department is getting some new hardware, but not all of it will be hitting the street at once.


The City Council approved on April 19 the acquisition of three police cars from Ardmore Car Auction. The city paid $2,500 each for a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria with 133,000 miles and a 2002 Crown Victoria with 130,000 miles.


The third car, a 2002 Crown Victoria with 136,000 miles, was donated to the city.
Police Chief Linda Johnson said the department had only six cars before, and will now have nine. However, the three additional cars won’t all be hitting the streets at the same time.


She said it costs roughly $2,000 to outfit a police vehicle with all of the equipment needed for everyday operation, including the dashboard camera needed for traffic stops.


“We’ll have to purchase those slowly over time,” she said.


Johnson said the cars are former Ardmore Police Department vehicles and already come with many pieces of needed law enforcement equipment, including radars, light bars and cages.


The chief’s plan is to keep the new-to-them vehicles at the police station in reserve.


She said the six vehicles in service are taken home every night by the officers, so they can respond to emergencies without having to drive their civilian vehicles to the station first.


The reserve vehicles would be at the station waiting for reserve officers to check in and use them to assist the full-time officers in case of a major emergency, such as a major crime or catastrophic weather event.


Johnson said the cars would remain at Ardmore Car Auction until they were placed on insurance, after which they would be transported to the police station.


“It’s a good, economical way for the city to put more units on the street,” she said.


John Davenport, owner of Ardmore Car Auction, said he is following a tradition set by his late father Don in donating vehicles to local law enforcement.


“My dad, he was always buying them and giving them to the sheriff’s department when they needed them,” he said. “We’re just glad to help them out down there.”


Davenport wanted to thank the city of Ardmore for letting him bid on the cars.


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