As Wilson students eat their first meals in the new cafetorium this week, some could not take their eyes off the stage.

As Wilson students eat their first meals in the new cafetorium this week, some could not take their eyes off the stage.


“The old stage is way littler than the new cafetorium,” fifth-grader Makayla Raines said. “I’m excited for the Christmas play and the new stage.”


Wilson Elementary students annually put on a fall talent show and a Christmas play. Raines enjoys acting in these productions, often playing animal roles.


“If we want to do stunts, there’s room, and more people can come and watch,” she said.


Young comedian and Wilson Elementary fifth-grader Dusty Asbery looks forward to everyone being able to hear and enjoy his jokes.


“I don’t care if I embarrass myself,” Asbery said. “Now the cafetorium has a bigger stage, better microphones and stage lights.”


In addition to the stage, there is also more room for the audience.


“More audience can come. More room is important because before people had to stand out the doors, and now there’s chairs inside,” third-grader Carson Fulton said.


Elementary students will also use the stage for their monthly Rise and Shine assemblies.


“I’m ready for Rise and Shine because it’s a lot bigger,” Raines said.


However, until show time, students are enjoying the extra elbow room as they eat breakfast and lunch.


“I like it. It has more room and is not as crammed,” said Brice Wilkins, Wilson High School junior.


High school students also appreciate the location of the new cafetorium, which is between the elementary and middle school buildings. The old one was inside the elementary building.


“It’s a lot nicer,” junior Andrew Moore said. “It’s also a lot less of a walk than going to the elementary.”
Cafeteria staff also have a larger kitchen in which to work.


“It’s going to be nice once we get everything situated,” cook Jennifer Stearns said. “It’s a lot better facility, and the kids are really excited about it.”


The kitchen also had some brand new items installed.


“The walk-in refrigerator and freezer would be my favorite thing,” said Glenda Stearns, cafeteria manager.


Other new kitchen equipment includes a deep fryer, milk case and dishwasher.


School officials used insurance money from the old gymnasium burning down in February 2008 to fund the building of the cafetorium.


“Out of something bad, we now have something good that we can present to the community,” Superintendent Kevin Stinson said.


Stinson said he is unsure at this time what will be done with the old cafetorium.


A few finishing touches are left to be done, including landscaping the exterior and putting up lettering that will read “Wilson Cafetorium.”