The idea of selling low-point beer at Turner Falls was kicked around, put to a vote and subsequently denied.


The idea of selling low-point beer at Turner Falls was kicked around, put to a vote and subsequently denied.


Following deliberation, the Davis Municipal Authority opted not to sell beer at the Trading Post located in the park by a 3-2 vote. The main sticking point discussed was whether or not selling beer at the park would reduce traffic flow.


“They are going to get on the road no matter what,” Councilman James Lampkin said. “Selling the beer at one place is not the answer to this. They are not going to stay there.”


Mayor Darryl McCurtain looked for compromise on the issue, asking the council to allow beer sales for two years and then revisit the issue.


“I would be willing to try, not for revenue,” McCurtain said. “But I think there will be a notable difference of people not leaving.”


The park currently allows the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the camping grounds and the picnic areas. Alcoholic beverages are banned on the beaches.


In a cost-cutting measure, the council voted 3-2 to forgo handing out wristbands to visitors in the park and hand out armbands. The wristbands cost the city $22,000 last year and the armbands will cost $6,500. Both are designed to help curtail the amount of people that come into the park illegally, but Davis Police Chief Danny Cooper stated doubts about the effectiveness of the measure.


“It will keep an honest person honest,” Cooper said. “But others will find a way around it.”


In other business regarding Turner Falls, the council voted not to accept a $158,915 bid for street repair, deciding to look at the issue after the summer. The City of Davis will take the lead on road improvements at the entrance, which is expected to cost less than $20,000.


During the council meeting, the city opted to use auction proceeds and dip into the contingency fund to pay off the new fire station. The city received over $153,000 from its sale of the former city hall as well as other equipment and after expenses, has $141,371 to apply to the remaining debt on the fire station.


The city signed off on an expenditure of $4,545.10 for upstairs flooring and overall baseboard trim on the upstairs at the new fire station.


In terms of a new city hall, the council granted City Manager Roger Pulley authorization to begin negotiations with architectural firms to provide design services for a new facility.


The city also signed off on a compensation agreement with VAL Energy Inc., pending the company’s approval after modifications to the original proposal. Val Energy Inc. will reimburse the city $17,500 for surface damages and water at a proposed drilling site on lands owned by the City of Davis. Drilling is expected to last 25 days and will span less than two acres.


Michael Pineda