There are technological breakthroughs being made virtually every day. As high-tech toys get more sophisticated, they become more essential to the lives of those who take advantage of them.

There are technological breakthroughs being made virtually every day. As high-tech toys get more sophisticated, they become more essential to the lives of those who take advantage of them.


Readers offered their input on what they can’t — or won’t — live without on the technology front.


VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner


Former Ardmoreite Diana Wheeler’s parents got her a VuPoint portable scanner for Christmas, something she’s looking forward to utilizing soon.


“It looks like a wand. I haven’t taken it out of the box, but I hear it’s handy and a big thrill amongst attorneys!” she said. “I plan to use it any day now.”


The VuPoint Solutions portable wand-type scanner takes approximately four seconds to scan an A4-size document in black and white. The scanner is designed for copying images from books or documents that have thick or fragile spines that don’t allow them to be folded or placed on a flat-bed scanner.It also is good for scanning documents on the go.


The Portable Scanner 2 has an A4 color contact image sensor and can capture a high-resolution, full-color page in about 28 seconds.




For Joyce Spurgin, LiveScribe is one of the best tech toys available.


This plump, cigar-sized “pen” is actually a sensitive, high -quality, high-capacity tape recorder that picks up voices in real-life circumstances, like interviews, conversations in crowded restaurants, auditoriums, etc. The pen holds up to several hours of recordings.


Another feature of LiveScribe is that it has a camera at its tip that can take pictures of whatever is being written in the special notebooks that are used with it.


The pen registers what sound is being heard as the person is writing. When they want to hear the recording, they simply point the pen to that particular word and will hear what was being said at that same time.


Amazon Kindle


Spurgin and Micha Elmore are also Kindle fans. This portable e-book reader utilizes wireless connectivity that lets users  shop for, download, browse and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and other digital media.


Lightweight and portable, the Kindle allows readers to catch up on their favorite topics in any situation.


Books can be downloaded anywhere, anytime in 60 seconds, and offers seamless reading with faster page turns. It can hold up to 3,500 books and offers links to dictionaries, notes and highlights. Kindle also offers Wi-Fi access.


Keurig coffee maker


Lisa Riggle called her Keurig coffee maker “hands down the best gift ever.”


Coffee lovers have plenty of reasons to love this single-cup, home-brewing system.


Keurig can brew a single cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in less than three minutes at the touch of a button.


Simply add fresh water to the single-use reservoir, choose one of the K-Cup coffee packs and brew.


The pre-measured K-Cups come in a variety of coffee flavors in regular or de-caf, along with hot chocolate and teas.


A different cup can be brewed for each person depending on their own taste. Plus, it comes with a measuring cup for using regular coffee.


iPod Touch


“My iPod Touch 4G is my hero. Best thing I’ve ever gotten,” said Kylie Neal.
The iPod Touch is a favorite of many Ardmoreite readers. It is a portable media player, personal digital assistant and Wi-Fi mobile platform designed and marketed by Apple Inc.


 It is the first iPod with wireless access to the iTunes Store, and also has access to Apple’s App Store, enabling content to be purchased and downloaded directly on the device. Apple Inc. has sold over 45 million iPod Touch units as of September 2009.


The fourth-generation iPod Touch features Apple’s Retina display and two cameras — one front-facing camera for FaceTime, Skype and other video chat applications, photos and high-definition video recording; and one rear-facing camera for photos and high-definition video recording.


The iPod Touch can be used for everything from listening to music, playing games to streaming movies and television shows.