I needed someone that could “understand” me. I needed someone that could “relate” to me. I needed someone that could “get” me.

I needed someone that could “understand” me. I needed someone that could “relate” to me. I needed someone that could “get” me.


I knew when Marci and I first started talking in 2003, she was it. What I didn’t know was the long similar road we both had to travel to reach that point.


We had gone parts of middle school and high school together, never looking at each other romantically. We both went our separate ways after school and eventually found ourselves once again single, this time with kids.


Finding someone that loved me for who I was and could love my kids, that was what I was looking for, that is what I needed. Marci seemed to be the perfect fit. It is always easy to see a person on the outside, digging deeper and getting on the inside of them is the challenge. With Marci, I knew from the start where she stood. I knew what she stood for. I knew what she needed.


We married on a beautiful site in Tishomingo that overlooked the golf course with our kids by our side. I still look at those pictures and think how far we have grown as a family and as a couple. It is a day that I will never forget, and to have our kids as part of it will make my heart smile forever.


We often laugh about my eighth-grade yearbook, the one I dug out when we first started dating so I could show my kids what Marci looked like back in the day. In the back, you find her nice, little, end-of-the-year comments that we often did in each other’s yearbooks.


“Tracy, To the stud of the year. You are so cute and sweet. I know that all the girls next year will go crazy over you. I know that you will miss me when I move to California. I’ll write you if you give me your address. Love Ya Lots, Marci.”


It was a long road for both of us to get to this point, and when I look at her every day and when I look at those pictures, I thank God and tell myself, “I did it. I found someone that loves me unconditionally, I found someone who … ‘got’ me.”


Tracy “Tank” Campbell


Luckiest Husband in the World