Have you heard the old adage “Opposites attract?”

Have you heard the old adage “Opposites attract?”


In our relationship this is truly a fact!


I’m the rambunctious one never slowing down.


We were married and raised our kids before John knew they were around.


People that know me know that talking is my fame,


But we dated six months before I even knew John’s name.


He’s laid back and easygoing.


My boat’s always in the water and never stops rowing.


Fluttering about and staying busy is my trend,


But he can sit at the computer for hours on end.


I’ve tried for years to change him but to no avail.


No matter how hard I’ve coaxed, His ship just won’t set sail!


Finally I’ve decided that his ship doesn’t have to sail like mine,
Just as long as we’re together when we reach the finish line!


I think that opposites are purposely placed together
to help balance between sunshine and stormy weather.


True love isn’t found on the first day you meet,


It’s found in a lifetime of hard work and defeat.


After 40 years what more can I say?


I’m thankful to have the love of my life and my best friend at the end of every day!