I met my present husband, Larry L. Roberts, on Feb. 29, 1964.

I met my present husband, Larry L. Roberts, on Feb. 29, 1964.


The church I attended, The Salvation Army, was having a Leap Year party at Buzzard’s Roost at Lake Murray.


My friend, Lila Mae Roberts, had invited her son, Larry, to go and he wanted to know if there would be any girls there. She informed him there was a new girl at the church, so Larry went.


We were boyfriend and girlfriend for about one year. Notice I didn’t say we dated — he was 20 and I was 16. During that time, Larry was drafted into the U.S. Army.


While he was in Germany, I was in Ardmore attending high school. We wrote quite frequently during his tour in Germany.


It was during this time that a military plane crashed into the mountain on Goddard ranch.


Troops from Fort Sill had been sent to search and rescue and then to clean up. Since I attended The Salvation Army, I was there also serving sandwiches and hot coffee. I met a young man at the site and felt I couldn’t live without him, so we married in August 1966, while Larry was in Germany.


Bob and I lived in Tulsa and, out of that union, a beautiful daughter was born. Bob was a carpenter and was employed by Jim Walter Homes. He had been asked to come to Ardmore and work on a construction site, so he asked me if I and our daughter wanted to come with him. We did. After a few days, he took us to Whittington Park, gave me a dollar and said he would be back after he picked up supplies. He never came back! My daughter was 11 months old at the time.


I had 20 cents left, so I called Larry’s house. His stepdad answered the phone, cussed me out and hung up on me. Later I called back, and Larry answered the phone. His first words to me were, “Where are you?”


Larry came for us. I was given a second chance with the love of my life. May 10, 2011, we will celebrate our 42nd anniversary.