Voters in the Fox Public Schools district will decide two bond propositions totaling $400,000 Tuesday.

Voters in the Fox Public Schools district will decide two bond propositions totaling $400,000 Tuesday.


Proposition 1 is for $250,000 and would be used to finish paying off a lease purchase on the high school roof and finish the main entrance office space, construct a main entrance parking lot and install a security fence.


The roof upgrades were approved by voters in December 2007, but the price of metal increased so the school had to take out the lease purchase. The school has had to pay the lease purchase off, as bond issues in November 2009 and July 2010 failed.


“We’ve had a majority both times, but not a supermajority,” said Superintendent Brent Phelps.


Unlike the two previous failed bond propositions, the passage of both propositions now would not raise property taxes from their current amount, only extend the current rate.


Passage of Proposition 1 would allow the district to pay off the remaining lease purchase bill, as well as complete work on the entrance to the school.


“We’ve got to get it. With projected budget cuts, it makes it so I don’t have to do the lease purchase,” Phelps said.


Proposition 2 is for $150,000 to construct a community event center and agriculture barn.


The building would include a community space, show barn, restrooms and kitchen.


“It can be used by the entire community — prom, banquets, anything like that. Right now, there is nothing the community can use as a big space,” Phelps said.


While the building can be used for livestock shows, the community space will have heating and air conditioning.


“It’s a multiuse facility to be used by the community,” he said. “It’s an added feature to our school and community. It will be right on the highway where people can see it.”


It would be built where the baseball and softball field are currently.


“We have someone who will donate land to move the field,” Phelps said.


In addition to the improvements of the school campus, Phelps said passing the bond could affect the district’s eligibility for grants.


“This will help as we apply for grants. Some will match what we receive,” he said.


Community meetings will take place tonight for the voters to ask school officials questions about the bond propositions. They will be at 6:30 at Graham Assembly of God Church, 7:30 at the Ratliff City fire station and 8:30 at the Tatums post office.