It’s been a busy week for Ardmore Public Schools, especially Douglas Wendel.

It’s been a busy week for Ardmore Public Schools, especially Douglas Wendel.

Wendel was hired as the high school’s new athletic director and head football coach on June 14 and is still making the transition. He had a brief conversation with newly appointed superintendent Sonny Bates on Tuesday. Wendel has also had the opportunity to meet most off the coaches on staff and is working on bringing in more help on the football side.

Wendel confirmed the hiring of Todd Scott on Wednesday at the Tigers’ new offensive coordinator, pending board approval at a July meeting. Scott is coming from Cedarville, Ark., but has numerous stops in Oklahoma on his resumé, including Tulsa East Central, McAlester, Booker T. Washington, Tahlequah, Grove and a head coaching stint at Locust Grove.

Wendel, himself a fan of the option, said he hasn’t settled on an offensive formation, but he and Scott have talked about the Shotgun with a lot of four receiver sets. Scott was a recommendation to Wendel by another head coach in Texas.

“He wants to see what type of talent we have,” Wendel said of Scott’s decision on the offense. “We have skill kids that are good in space. We might attempt to look like Oregon, but we’re not gonna get too far away from option football.”

On defense, Wendel said the staff should remain almost intact from last season. As for the players, Wendel said they’ve adapted well to new drills, but the program must get physically stronger as a whole.

That will take time, as will what Wendel calls a “more balanced program.” In three to four years time, Wendel said he wants all middle school teachers coaching middle schoolers and all high school teachers coaching high schoolers. Wendel said he also wants to up the teams involved in the Super Scrimmage, the annual kickoff to the regular season at Noble Stadium that invites schools from around the area.

“One thing we need to do now is prioritize,” Wendel said. “Right now, we’re taking what we have and making it the best it can be for the immediate future in Fall of 2011.”

Ardmore starts its football season Sept. 2 at Ada. According to Wendel, schools in Oklahoma start preseason football a week later than in Texas.

“I understand that we don’t have two weeks of two-a-days,” Wendel said. “But we’ll be ready to go. We made a big step today in that hire.

“One thing that impressed me is that he (Scott) has a good background on defense. A lot of guys can call offense, but he has experience on both sides of the ball, which I like.”

Erik K. Horne