City Commissioners voted Monday to approve a tax rebate agreement between the city and Mountain View Mall owners MVM ATT Paxton, LLC.

City Commissioners voted Monday to approve a tax rebate agreement between the city and Mountain View Mall owners MVM ATT Paxton, LLC.


In a memo addressed to commissioners and Mayor Keith King, City Manager J.D. Spohn said Ardmore has been in discussions with the owners of the mall to refurbish and possibly construct additional retail space.


“The improvements contemplated by the developer will promote economic development, stimulate business and commerce, rebate additional employment opportunities, generate sales tax revenue, arrest deterioration of existing mall and offer shopping opportunities not now available,” the memo read.


Spohn said the developer requested economic development incentives in the form of a sales tax rebate to defray a portion of the costs to develop, remove, renovate and construct the improvements. The city is authorized by Title 62, section 850 et. seq. of the Oklahoma Statutes to establish economic development programs and to provide sales tax increments for developments in qualified areas. It also says the sales tax sharing will be based on the increase in actual sales tax over the base year amount generated by Mountain View Mall.


“The work won’t actually begin until 2013, but this will allow him to start working on it,” Spohn said. “The renovator is expected to invest  approximately $15 million into the mall.”


Commissioners said renovations to the mall have been talked about for almost 10 years, and were glad to see some signs of progress.


Also in Monday’s meeting, commissioners agreed to sign a letter addressed to Local TV, LLC, the parent company of KFOR Channel 4, in Oklahoma City and CableOne, expressing the city’s concerns over potentially losing the station.


The letter mentions losing a resource for severe weather information and says that the citizens of Ardmore are “very vitally interested in Oklahoma City and Norman news and, of course, sports relating to both OU and OSU.”


Commissioners approved the signing of the letter, which will be mailed to executives of each company.


Other items on Monday’s agenda were:


In the consent agenda, commissioners agreed to appoint Jeff Peterson to the Regional Park Trust Authority to fill the expired term of Curtis Davidson, whose second term will expire this month. Commissioners also appointed Robbie Brooks to her first full term. Her previous appointment was filling the unexpired term of Dr. Ruth Ann Carr for the past three months. The first term for both new appointees will expire in December 2014.


Also, approval was given to purchase items needed to complete work from vendors submitting the lowest 90 days material quotes for the city’s street rehabilitation program.


Commissioners approved a resolution of amended preliminary plat of Serenity Park Addition, located on the north side of Myall Road between Hailey Street and F Street SW.

During a presentation at the Dec. 8 Planning Commission, staff amended the recommended conditions to reflect recent discussions with the developer pertaining to the flood plain condition. Both the Planning Commission and City Commissioners voted unanimously for the amendment.

An approval was given to update  the city’s digital orthophotography and planimetrics with UNITED Geo Technologies in the amount of $148,255.

Wayne Busma, city engineer, said it has been six years since the last update of the city’s photographic mapping and that a lot has changed in that time.


“The digital mapping is a vital tool used by many of the city’s departments in the display of information to the public and in the decision-making process,” Busma said.


The mapping was originally budgeted for $160,000, saving the city a significant amount of money from the street improvement fund.