Jeremy Reed knew what he had in store for him when he came to Dickson.

Jeremy Reed knew what he had in store for him when he came to Dickson.

A history of struggles from a program that isn’t used to the taste of victory. Instead of shying away from the past, Reed has embraced it in a quest to bring the program to prominence.

“You want a challenge,” Reed said.

Indeed, Dickson has already taken large strides after a year of Reed’s leadership. The program came minutes away from a winning season in his debut season last year, and Reed has now gotten the opportunity to spend another spring and summer working with the nucleus of players that will be returning for the Comets.

This week, the focus has been on “The Comet Tuneup”, a three-day summer camp that allows Reed to work more with his players on some of the basic fundamentals touched on in spring camp.

“It gives us that three days to work on base stuff,” Reed said. “We’ve had a great three days, and everybody is excited.”

With less than a month remaining until fall camp starts up and a roster filled with young players, Reed was pleased to have yet another opportunity to work with players who will be the foundation of a turnaround at Dickson.

“We’re excited about the guys we have coming back, but we still have a lot of teaching to do,” Reed said. “We learned how to play football last year, but now we’re on stage two, learning some of the finer skills.”

By that, Reed means that he’s hoping his players will no longer have to think about the correct motions during a play, but know them by instinct.
“If you’re thinking, you’re playing slow,” Reed said. “What we’re doing is building on skills so they won’t have to do that.

“We know that, God willing, if we’re able to stay healthy, this will be one of the most fun years we’ve ever had at Dickson.”

Spencer White