There is something kinda beautiful about not having cable or internet.  It forces me to study with none of those pesky reality show distractions…I do miss those Housewives though….but it also forces me to go out and find new things to do…to avoid Death by Boredom.  Lately I’ve become pretty good at eating out solo and just enjoying the food in front of me.  Today I shall discuss the local fast foodie spots I’ve indulged in that are things you shouldn’t eat everyday unless you’d like a visit to a cardiologist.  I’m calling them The McFats…you’ll get it after awhile.

McFat #1 Slim Chickens

Okay this is a teensy bit of a chain but they’re still pretty small. (If 3 of my friends denied knowing they even existed, it counts as pretty small)   Three guys got together cookin in their garage and the rest is history.  That’s the story they’re serving up so I’m buying it.  The menu includes all things chicken: buffalo wings, sandwiches, wraps, tenders…just simply, Chicken. Oh and they have fried tidbits of vegetable love here and there.  I actually stumbled upon them while lost and hungry near my job in Edmond.  I thought, “this looks fun” and went in.  I ordered the Chick’s Plate: 3 tenders, subbed fries for fried pickles, garlic toast, and a drink for about $8.  It was a little steeper than the ‘other’  places but worth it.  The thinly-sliced pickles were crisp almost like chips with a salty tangy bite.  They included even the end parts of the pickle which I actually liked…no commercial-ready sliced pieces, just good fried pickles.  The tenders were PIPING hot and the house-made ranch cooled off my tongue after it was practically burnt off.  The chicken tasted like something you’d have at an awesome home-cook’s kitchen.  Light batter, well-seasoned and ACTUAL tenderloins…no meat product mush here.  I quite enjoyed the peach tea as well.  It was the best peach tea I’ve tasted which I’m no expert but it’s quite possible that ACTUAL peaches were used in its composition.  I’m surely the opposite of slim after this meal but the stuff is good.

McFat #2 Eileen’s Colossal Cookies

You are not supposed to eat 2 cookies described as ‘colossal’ in one sitting.  I took that challenge and I’m not ashamed… oh no I’m not ashamed.  One thick and chewy Chocolate Chip and one Triple Chocolate devoured in the car…on my way back to work…don’t judge.  I believe these are what all cookies should be like.  They were moist and dense with huge chunks of chocolate throughout.  The triple chocolate was gooey with dark, milk, and white chocolate combining to make something heavenly.  There were about a dozen people in an open kitchen churning out homey cookies.  Everyone was pretty young, probably paying tuition with cookies but whoever Eileen is, she knows/knew how to make a cookie.

McFat #3 Tucker’s Onion Burger

The friggin Godfather of onion burgers!  I’ve never had anything like this place.  I’ve had like 2 onion burgers in my life and the onions were limp and wet and ick.  I vowed to never order one again.  The stress of driving in 5 o’clock traffic, however, made me pull over and give it a go.  These onions were slightly charred and delicious.  No frills on the menu at this place either.  Just burgers and fries.   They offer a salad, but WHO goes to THIS burger place for a salad?  Slap yourself.

Buns made locally in OKC at Prairie Thunder Baking Company (been there, love it), Fresh cut fries with KOSHER salt, and freshly made burgers.  I at first felt awkward slobbing down this huge and messy burger but after the third bite, it was just me and that burger….and those thin and salty fries.  GO TO TUCKERS!  Drive up the bumpy road that is 23rd, park, and order you an onion burger.  Don’t go with a date.