The following information is supplied the the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation:

The following information is supplied the the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation:


Arbuckle: August 25. Elevation 2 1/2 ft. below normal, water 83 in the main lake and 89 in the upper creek arms. Bass being caught on Chug Bugs at first light and on crankbaits, creature baits and flukes during rest of day; some schooling near the dam late evening. Crappie slow off docks and fair on chartreuse jigs at 25 ft. around brush piles. White bass hitting C.C. spoons near channel bends and drop-offs. Channel catfish good on shrimp and dough baits up Guy Sandy Creek. Sunfish good on fly rod. Report submitted by Jack Melton


Broken Bow: August 26. Elevation below normal, water clear. Largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass fair to good on soft plastic in deeper water around rocky points and structure early and late. Catfish good on juglines and trotlines baited with sunfish. Crappie good on soft plastic grubs and minnows at 15-20 ft. around structure, points and mouths of creeks. Report submitted by Dru Polk, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.


Eufaula: August 26. Elevation 4 ft. below normal, water clear. Largemouth bass fair on plastic baits and crankbaits around deep points and deeper rocky areas. White bass good on topwater lures and slab spoons along flats early and late. Blue catfish fair on fresh shad drifting and bank fishing along shallow flats. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs around standing timber, riprap and bridge piers. Report submitted by Ed Rodebush, game warden stationed in McIntosh County.


Hugo: August 26. Elevation 5 1/2 ft. below normal, water 88. Crappie fair on minnows along river channels. Report submitted by Jay Harvey, game warden stationed in Choctaw and Bryan counties.


Konawa: August 25. Elevation normal, water 81 and clear. Largemouth bass good on topwater lures and plastic worms at 5-8 ft. along weed beds. White bass and striped bass hybrids good on slabs and jigs at 15-20 ft. along creek channels. Channel catfish fair on shad at 5-10 ft. in the south cove and around points. Report submitted by Daryl Howser, game warden stationed in Seminole County.


Lower Mountain Fork: August 26. Zone I: Grasshoppers and midges doing well throughout the park. Zone II: Good with nymphs and wooly buggers in the early morning. Report submitted by Jesse King, owner Three Rivers Fly Shop.


McGee Creek: August 26. Elevation 2 1/3 ft. below normal, water 85 and clear. Largemouth bass fair on Carolina-rigged soft plastic baits and chatter baits at 8-20 ft. and fair on shad colored topwater lures in schooling bass in open water early and late. Crappie good on minnows 18-20 ft. over cedar brush piles in creek channels. Report submitted by Larry Luman, game warden stationed in Atoka County.


Murray: August 27. Water 84 and clear. All fishing is improving. Largemouth and smallmouth bass good on topwater lures along weed beds early and late. White bass and smallmouth bass being caught on topwater lures when schooling. Channel catfish good on stinkbait, worms and chicken liver. Report submitted by Jeremy Brothers, game warden stationed in Carter County.


Pine Creek: August 26. Elevation below normal, water clear. Bass fair on deep diving crankbaits near points. Crappie excellent on jigs around structures. Catfish fair to good on juglines baited with chicken liver or cut shad. Report submitted by Mark Hannah, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.


Robert S. Kerr: August 28. Largemouth and spotted bass good on spinnerbaits, swim baits and crankbaits at 2-10 ft. around banks and grass beds early mornings. White bass and striped bass good on minnows and shad crankbaits up river in deeper holes and around rock ledges. Channel and blue catfish excellent on trotlines and juglines baited with cut bait at 12-20 ft. close to creek and river channels. Flathead catfish good on live bait 9-14 ft. in the lake and up the Canadian River. Report submitted by Allen Couch, game warden stationed in Haskell County.


Texoma: August 26. Elevation 2 ft. below normal, water 84 degrees and clear. Largemouth and smallmouth bass good on surface lures, deep diving crankbaits, and plastic combination baits at 5-20 ft. on the drop-offs and points. Striped and white bass good on surface lures, live bait and sassy shad at 5-30 ft. from Platter Flats to Caney Creek. Channel and blue catfish fair to good on live bait, worms and stinkbait at 10-20 ft. from the Washita River to Alberta Creek. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs at 10-15 ft. in the upper creeks and the fish attractors with brush. Sunfish fair to good on shrimp, worms, and small tube jigs at 5-10 ft. around riprap and the fishing docks. Report submitted by Danny Clubb, game warden stationed in Bryan County.


Wister: August 26. Elevation 1 ft. below normal, water murky. Largemouth bass slow on crankbaits. Crappie slow on white tail grubs 25-30 ft. Catfish fair on juglines baited with cut bait and liver. Report submitted by Randy Fennell, game warden stationed in LeFlore County.