No more two-a-days. Forget about scrimmages.

No more two-a-days. Forget about scrimmages.

On Friday night, all gloves are off, and the Oklahoma high school football season begins.

And for the Plainview Indians, the test doesn't get much stiffer, as Chris Berus and company host 3A's top-ranked squad, the Tuttle Tigers, at Indians Stadium.

Plainview, who enters the season ranked No. 5 according to the Associated Press, will get an immediate idea of how well the squad has reloaded after losing a large and talented group of seniors.

Berus would have it no other way. Upon learning that Tuttle had been named the No. 1 team in the state, he immediately broke into a large grin and clapped his hands in glee.

"You get a gage in practice, an idea of what you have, but we really want to see what we're made of," Berus said. "We scheduled them because we knew they were good."

Senior Indians, who have never played Tuttle, gave credit to the challenge that Tuttle will present.

"They have 18 returning starters, and they're going to be seasoned," James Bowker said.

Senior Chase Brooks gave credit to the younger players on the squad, who have functioned as the scout team members to simulate what Tuttle will present on the field Friday.

"Our scout team guys are really working hard," Brooks said. "They're giving us good looks on both sides of the ball."

There's nothing like the real thing, however, and Tuttle has several players who will make a big impact. Recievers Reno Marical and Dillan Wolfe, along with quarterback Sterling Koons, were named as players to watch by Berus.

But when it boils down to basics, it's a football game, with young men on both sides of the ball, and Bowker and his teammates are approaching it that way.

"(Their ranking) really doesn't mean anything at all," Bowker said. "We're just going to go out there and play our game."

Spencer White