Springer High School Student Council members are pledging It Can Wait.

Springer High School Student Council members are pledging It Can Wait.

Sponsored by AT&T, "It Can Wait" is a campaign to encourage teens to stop texting and driving.

"We live in too big a hurry," said Tricia Brown, student council advisor. "You don't have to answer each text immediately."

Student council members started by watching a short documentary featuring people who have been affected by texting and driving accidents.

"The video hit students where they live emotionally," Brown said.

Sophomore Colton Mize is a member of student council and has a driver's permit.

"I knew it was pretty dangerous, but my parents do it, and that's where I got it from," Mize said.

He described the video as "sad and scary," particularly reacting to a story about a teen who hit and killed a bicyclist while texting and driving.

"I'm definitely not going to do it now," Mize said.

All Springer High School students are being encouraged to pledge not to text and drive. Posters with statistics and other information now deck the halls of the school.

"I don't want to lose a kid to something that's preventable," Brown said.

AT&T provides numerous resources on the website http://itcanwait.com/, including taking the pledge and posting it on social media sites.

The website also includes links to the documentary the students watched and to a phone app that can send an automated message when messages are received while driving.

The student council will also be having a cell phone box decorating contest. Boxes are to give students a place to keep their phone when they aren't using it in the car and during school hours.

"We're looking for creativity and school pride, so we hope to see a lot of Cardinal boxes," Brown said.