Decked out in orange, Lincoln Elementary students took a united stand against bullying Wednesday for Unity Day.
Decked out in orange, Lincoln Elementary students took a united stand against bullying Wednesday for Unity Day.
Created by the Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights National Bullying Prevention Center, the day creates awareness about bullying.
Activities encouraged include wearing orange and pledging to end bullying.
Lincoln students did both, as they signed a large poster and pledged, "As a kid against bullying, I will speak up when I see bullying, reach out to others who are bullied and be a friend whenever I see bullying."
"I want to stop bullying because it hurts other people and it hurts me too," said second-grader Levi Rich.
The poster had the word "Unity" on it in orange.
"All the letters are different because we're all different," said Counselor Brenda Jaggers.
The Parent Teacher Organization made orange bracelets for the students that included five white beads, one for each letter of the word unity.
Students also discussed what a bully is.
"Bullies are very mean. They kick and punch and do mean stuff," said second-grader Mark Burns.
They also realized how important it is to not be a bully.
"You need to be respectful of others because when you are respectful, others will be nice to you," said fourth-grader Rida Malik.
Fourth-grader Elizabeth Muniz, who recently moved to Ardmore from Texas, is working on starting over with new habits.
"I will try my hardest not to spread rumors," said fourth-grader Elizabeth Muniz. "People used to call me names and I felt I should spread rumors, but I'm not going to anymore."
Many of the other students also had ways they planned to change their behavior after signing the pledge:
— "I'm going to be helping others being bullied," said second-grader Jadyn South.
— "We need to speak up for others because people don't like to be bullied," said second-grader Khonor Sasser.
— "I'm going to try really hard not to bully and try not to talk about other people," said fourth-grader Trentan Mitchell.
— "I'm going to try not to get mad at anyone," said fourth-grader Matthew Martinez.
— "I'm going to try not to talk back to my friends that are mean to me, so I won't get in trouble," said fourth-grader Imani Prince.
— "I'm going to try not to be sarcastic because I am really sarcastic" said fourth-grader Kelsey John. "Some people might think sarcasm is rude."
— "I have to be courageous and stand up against bullies. If someone falls down, help them up and tell a bully to leave them alone," said fourth-grader David Quarterman.