offers these suggestions to turn an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich into something extraordinary while remaining kid friendly.

1. Consider the bread - One of the easiest ways to improve the health score on your grilled cheese is by picking bread that’s better for you in the first place. Try whole wheat instead of plain old white bread. You’ll never miss the old white bread standby.

2. Be choosy with the cheese - There are tons of delicious cheeses out there – be a little adventurous and try to mix it up. Bear in mind that the sharper and more flavorful a cheese is, the less you need to use to make an impact. A sharp, reduced-fat cheddar is great, and parmesan is surprisingly tasty, or if you’re feeling really daring, you can even try a hard goat cheese to satisfy your craving.

3.  Add ingredients to amp up the flavor - throw in some veggies like onion or peppers to make the sandwich more filling and flavorful.

4. Skip the butter - you’ll be surprised how little you miss it. The sandwich is already slathered with melted cheese, after all. You can get the same crispiness by using a Panini press or greasing your pan with a little olive oil before adding the sandwich.