An error by workers at Precinct 17 resulted in 98 Ardmore City ballots being cast by county residents Tuesday during the general election. There were also a number of ballots returned by county residents who recognized they were being handed the wrong ballot.

The number of ballots handed out did not have an effect on the final tabulation for the four city propositions.

Helen McReynolds, Carter County Election Board Secretary, was notified of the problem at about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and immediately went to the precinct to clarify which ballots were to be handed out.

"Most of the precinct is in the city limits," McReynolds said. "They had already stopped handing the ballots out to county residents when people starting handing them back. They just didn't realize everyone was not supposed to get a city ballot and it is a regrettable error."

On the precinct workers' check-in sheet, there is a designation for which municipality the voter is associated with.

Each Ardmore resident was identified as such. The workers placed a G and A with each name signifying if the voter had received a general election ballot and an Ardmore ballot. On each of the 98 discrepancies, the voter had a GA beside their name yet were not listed as a resident of Ardmore.

With some of the listed voters, the A had been marked off, possibly signifying the ballot had been returned.

McReynolds said it appeared as if the mistakes at Precinct 17 were an isolated incident. She said Precinct 25 also has a noticeable division of county and Ardmore residents but no issues have been brought to the election board's attention.