The Chickasaw Tribal Legislature‘s annual elections for its officers for Fiscal Year 2013 was conducted Oct. 26.

Steve Woods, Davis, Oklahoma, was elected as Chairperson; Connie Barker, Marietta, was elected as Secretary; Doretta Sellers, Ada, was appointed Recording Secretary and Harold Stick, Ada, was appointed as Sergeant at Arms.

Chairperson Woods has appointed Committee Chairs as follows:

Steve Woods, Executive Committee

David Woerz, Ardmore, Legislative Committee

Toby Perkins, Ada, Finance Committee

Dean McManus, Galey, Human Resources Committee

Linda Briggs, Marietta, Land Development Committee

Shana Hammond, Ardmore, Health Committee

Tim Colbert, Dougherty, Court Development Ad Hoc Committee

Nancy Elliott, Ada, Education Ad Hoc Committee,

David Woerz, Election Rules and Regulations Ad Hoc Committee

Steve Woods, Special Advisory Ad Hoc Committee

Shana Hammond, Tribal Historical and Cultural Preservation Committee.

The officers and committee chairs will serve until the first regular session of Fiscal Year 2014.

The Chickasaw Tribal Legislature meets in regular sessions the third Friday of each month in Ada. The sessions are open to the public. More information can be found at