A 19-year-old Cincinnati transplant is facing charges of distributing "high quality" marijuana and authorities said more charges could follow.

Brett T. Carney was arrested Wednesday afternoon after the Ardmore Police Department Narcotics Division and the Carter County Sheriff's Department Narcotics Division served a search warrant at his residence, located in the 600 block of 7th Avenue NE. Carney became a target of a joint APD/CCSD investigation after both agencies received information the former Ohio man was selling marijuana from his residence. Capt. Gregg Johnson, CCSD Narcotics Division, said the undercover investigation had led to a "controlled buy" which in turn led to the search warrant.

Carney was taken into custody without incident. At that point the case appeared to be routine, but what the search warrant yielded turned an ordinary distribution case into a remarkable one.

"Approximately 60 1-gram packets of marijuana were found. He was selling each packet for $15," said Johnson, adding 1-gram is approximately the weight of a single packet of sugar substitute.

Those 60 tiny packets would have netted Carney $900, a price that far exceeds what the everyday dealer charges for their illicit wares which are sold in larger amounts, starting at about 1/4-ounce (7 grams) for $30.

"This is a higher quality of marijuana than we normally see for sale on the street," Johnson said. "And we found evidence that he usually maintained about three times as much as was found."

In addition to the high-grade marijuana, officers also seized illegal firearms and currency.

Johnson said officers had not determined why Carney moved from Cincinnati to Ardmore, but suspected he had been selling his high dollar marijuana from his residence for at least a month.

Carney made an initial court appearance in Carter County District Court Thursday. Bond was set at $10,000. A spokesperson for the county jail said Thursday night Carney posted bond and was released. A preliminary conference is set for Jan. 8.