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Exclusive First Look: CBS Launches "Inside NCIS" Web Series
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The writers of this blog are not music critics, and they don't consider a second (or third, fourth or fifth) mortgage to be a perfectly reasonable course of action to pay for front-row tickets, but despite being a whole lot more middle aged than ...
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The writers of this blog are not music critics, and they don't consider a second (or third, fourth or fifth) mortgage to be a perfectly reasonable course of action to pay for front-row tickets, but despite being a whole lot more middle aged than they were when they first put Born in the U.S.A. or The River down on the turntable, still feels like Bruce has something -- OK, a lot of things -- to say about our country and the way we live our lives, things that not a lot of other artists are saying. And whether he's talking about the knife that can cut this pain from your heart, the house that's waiting for you to walk in or what that flag flying over the courthouse means, he's nailing down feelings that are so universal that they can raise your spirits and break your heart at the same time. Plus, lets face it, the man rocks.
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By TV Guide
Dec. 3, 2012 6:05 p.m.

NCIS | Photo Credits: Robert Voets/CBS
The people behind NCIS are grateful for the millions of fans who make the CBS procedural America's most-watched drama every week. To say thank you, they are giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the show.Fall TV Report Card: How's the new class doing?On Monday, CBS is launching "Inside NCIS," a new web series offering exclusive access to the world of NCIS, on CBS.com and the CBS Audience Network. The eight-episode series will offer an inside look at how the show goes from the page to the TV screen, featuring everything from the music selection process to casting the extras who play the corpses!In addition to the behind-the-scenes footage, viewers will get insights from cast members, including Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Pauley Perrette and David McCallum, as well as producers, set designers and crew members. A series of interactive elements, including trivia games about the cast, characters and plot lines, will complement the web series.TV Scorecard: What's been renewed and what's canceled?"We couldn't be happier with these behind-the scenes-glimpses," executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TVGuide.com. "Hopefully they will give fans some real insight into the extraordinarily talented crew I work with each and every day. NCIS is successful because we function as a team. Each department is uniquely gifted, but it's the way they work together as a cohesive unit that makes this production a well-oiled machine. Watching these segments is like getting a private tour of our stages. We hope people really enjoy them."TVGuide.com has your exclusive first look at the very first installment of "Inside NCIS" below, which goes inside Abby's lab and explores how the music created for those scenes has become a signature element of the show.
Details about the other episodes, including their launch dates, are available below.Wednesday, Dec. 5: "Squad Room: Center of Attention" features Michael Weatherly and executive producer and showrunner Gary Glasberg taking viewers inside the iconic NCIS Squad Room set.Friday, Dec. 7: "Autopsy: Bodies of Work" features actors David McCallum and Brian Dietzen, along with executive producer Mark Horowitz, spotlighting the exacting physical demands placed upon the lucky guest stars who portray the "bodies."
Monday, Dec. 10: "Backlot: Location, Location, Location" spotlights Michael Weatherly and art director Robb Bacon taking viewers to the NCIS backlot, revealing how production transforms the streets and storefronts into recognizable locations from around the globe.
Wednesday, Dec. 12: "Ship Set: Set Afloat" offers interviews with Sean Murray, executive producer Chas. Floyd Johnson and technical advisor Leon Carroll discussing the production challenges of filming in the tight quarters of the ship.
Friday, Dec. 14: "MTAC: Telecommunication" demonstrates how scenes are staged in the Multiple Threat Alert Center, pulling in live feeds from different sets and allowing the actors to interact with each other in real time.
Monday, Dec. 17: "Vance's Office: Highly Decorated" follows Rocky Carroll and set decorator Lynn Wolverton-Parker discussing the distinct touches in the set that reflect the character and history of Vance.
Wednesday, Dec. 19: "Interrogation: If These Walls Could Talk" explores the show's cinematography and the tricks employed in shooting in tight quarters, with Cote de Pablo, director of photography Bill Webb, and writers and executive producers George Schenck and Frank Cardea.
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