Carter County Undersheriff Milton Anthony said charges are being sought against two inmates who assaulted a detention center officer Sunday night during a disturbance in the jail.

Anthony said Darryl McGee, 28, and Elijah Trejo, 18, assaulted the officer when he entered a cell block to unclog a drain.

"Inmates were fighting and flooding the cell block.The officers was standing in ankle deep water and was trying unplug the drain. One of them jumped up on a table behind him and would not obey an order to get down and back away. He attacked the officer when he attempted to take control of him and then the other one jumped in. I will be taking reports to the district attorney's office Wednesday," Anthony said.

The disturbance occurred about 9:25 p.m. Anthony said it had not been determined what prompted the incident.

"These (inmates) are already in lock-down cell blocks. They don't really need a reason to start fighting with each other and once that starts the first thing they do is start plugging the drains and flooding the cell blocks," he said.

According to the undersheriff, the officer was not seriously injured as a result of the attack. Property damage estimates were not available.

McGee is currently being detained while awaiting transfer to a state prison to serve a seven year term on convictions of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and bringing contraband into a jail. Trejo faces trial on charges of illegal possession of firearm and using a vehicle to discharge a weapon.