It has not taken a leap of the imagination for Friday's horrific shooting in Newtown Conn. to hit home for area residents. Many have looked into the faces of their children and grandchildren and imagined the pain and suffering taking place following the horrific tragedy.
Those tragedies have also hit home for law enforcement officials. Ardmore Police Chief Keith Mann and Carter County Sheriff Ken Grace have made a habit out of
meeting and working together. Monday, topics extended to recent events.
"The sheriff and some of his people and my people met this morning, which we do frequently," Mann said. "We revisited our emergency plan together to make sure all of our people are on the same page. We train for it and will do more in the future. We had the meeting to make sure everyone knows what to do. We feel like we have taken the necessary steps and will not rest on our training."
Grace also visited each of the county schools Monday to make sure contact lists are up to date. He also plans on meeting with each of the police departments in the county.
"We want to make sure we are all on the same page," Grace said. "Heaven forbid another tragedy happens, but if it does happen here, we want to make sure we are all moving in the same direction. It is very important to work together and neither the Ardmore Police Department, Sheriff's Department nor the area police departments are big enough to handle it ourselves. We are on top of this and will do whatever it takes to protect the people of Carter County."
Mann said awareness is a key. He also said he will meet with school resource officers and plans on meeting with other departments.
"Our goal is to get some sort of law enforcement to the scene as soon as possible," Mann said. "The main thing for the public to know is the Ardmore Police Department and Sheriff's Department are working together and we will work together with all law enforcement in the area to be on the same page."
Michael Pineda