Bedbugs seem like myth, created by grandmothers when tucking in their grandchildren. But they exist, they are a problem and they have drawn Tony Ingle's attention.

Ingle, a former graduate and resident of Ardmore, has developed an all-natural product that kills and repels bed bugs, their eggs and larvae.

"I have formulated Greenway Formula 7 which has been tested and proven 100 percent effective by the Oklahoma State University Entomology Department," Ingle said. "My product is chemical free, safe for the environment, child safe and pet safe."

Ingle is so committed to keeping the product all natural that he forgoes the use of tap water because of the chemicals, which are present.

Greenway Formula 7 was developed 13 years ago. One of Ingle's children had problems with breathing and he developed the product to combat dust mites. As it turned out, it proved just as effective against bedbugs. It has also proven effective against ants, spiders and wasps.

Recent publicity has helped generate an influx of sales for Ingle.

"We have been overwhelmed by phone calls with people wanting our product since a news broadcast," Ingle said.

The interest is helped by reports of an increase in bed bugs. Bed bugs feed on blood, cause itchy bites and are generally irritating. They do not transmit or spread disease, but the Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consider all bed bugs a public health pest.

They are reddish brown, oval and flat and hide in the cracks and crevices of beds, box springs, headboards and frames.

Ingle, whose brother is an officer with the Ardmore Police Department and sister works at the Noble Foundation, plans to begin sales of Greenway Formula 7 in Ardmore through his sister.

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