There are many complicated opinions from experts about why America's children are becoming fatter, more diseased and emotionally unstable each year.

At the same time, bullying, teen suicides and child obesity continue to rise, and proposed solutions to these problems tend to be expensive and unlikely to be undertaken in these tough economic times, said author of "Lean And Healthy To 100," Gordon Filepas, "Even if implemented, most of these 'solutions' are not likely to solve the problem," he says. "That's because most Americans were never taught the simple, common-sense root of most obesity and disease. There's no mystery or magic to it at all."

Filepas offers easy, inexpensive and natural steps to solving child obesity in five years or less including this tip:

• Parental accountability: Your job as a parent is to teach your children what they need to learn to become productive, balanced and healthy adults. Buying snack foods, sodas and junk food for your children is not being responsible. Plus, you're rewarding companies that make these products. You're probably listening to the "popular" health advice in America, which is mostly incorrect. You need to learn the correct common sense information once and for all so that it becomes easy for your child to stop craving these "foods."