Countless numbers of people walk by Salvation Army bell ringers during the holiday season. A good many of those people take time to put in a little something to help those less fortunate while others carry on with the business at hand. When Bennett Pryor walked past the bell ringers, he began to wonder what he could do to help others.
And he didn't stop there.
Pryor, a student at Lincoln Elementary, collected money in his neighborhood and among his mom, Keely's friends and raised $62 to purchase toys for the Toys for Tots program.
"I just thought about it and I saw the people at Wal-Mart," Pryor said. "They were raising money for people who didn't have clothes or toys."
Pryor, 8, worked the neighborhood and set up shop on his front porch with signs. He also received some help from his brother Landry.
"I did it for two days and raised $62," Pryor said. "I learned it would make Jesus happy."
In taking on a role usually reserved for those older, Pryor turned some doubters in the process.
"My mom said it might not work and it did," he said. "My mom's sister was here to get her hair done and we were sitting on the porch and she gave us money. The postman also gave us money."
Keely said her son's accomplishments are not surprising. His demeanor and salesmanship are two of his qualities, which he was able to put to good use.
"We didn't learn anything about him that we did not already know," she said. "He was a top seller in two fundraisers. He has a very giving heart and he is a very sweet boy."
Pryor said it was the first time he has raised money and there was a confidence hurdle to be cleared. But it did not take long for him to grown secure in what he was doing.
"At first, I was kind of nervous to walk up to doors and tell them what I was doing," Pryor said. "Once I got the hang of it, it was easy.
"I will probably do this every year."