Author of "Lean And Healthy To 100," Gordon Filepas, offers this easy, inexpensive and natural tip to solving child obesity in five years or less including this tip:

Teach parents and children the root cause: From 20 years of health research, I've learned from experts that the root cause of obesity and disease is due to imbalances in the human body. The underlying, real root cause of these imbalances is a lifestyle that does not honor how the human body actually works, or respects what it really needs. The proper lifestyle is composed of the proper nutrition and daily living habits that maintain and preserve this nutrient foundation, and balances biological function. Without this lifestyle, biochemical imbalances occur inside the body at
every level and begin to create the "symptoms" we call weight gain, addictions, cravings, emotional and behavioral imbalances, mood swings, learning problems, poor attitude, poor choices, disease and ultimately death.