First it rained, then it sleeted, then it snowed and the wind blew in the final act of the winter storm drama that played out across the area Tuesday.
But Ardmore police said none of the storm's wet and wild actions caused slip and slide pileups anywhere in the community. In fact, by early evening, the Ardmore accident total stood at zip, zero, none. The fact that Ardmore was accident free may have been the result of minimal traffic. Those who didn't have to drive simply didn't get behind the wheel. Those who did, drove with caution.
Added to the stay at home attitude of most local residents, city crews quickly aided those who did have to drive. Sand/salt applications on streets and intersections began about 11 a.m., as the rain turned to sleet. By early evening crews were plowing the community's main throughfares. City Manager J.D. Spohn said the action was an effort to prepare for back-to-work traffic expected to begin early today.
"We've had crews working all day. We're trying to get everything ready. Hopefully, it will assist anyone who has to get out this evening and will really help traffic flow as people return to work tomorrow morning," Spohn said Tuesday night. "The crews have maps and they are working to treat all the main routes."
The city manager said plow equipment had been attached to city dump trucks, so crews could perform two tasks at once.
"The plows in front clear the snow off the streets and salt is scattered from the back of the truck at the same time," Spohn said.
Temperatures are expected to remain at the freezing mark today. However, a slight warm up is expected Thursday, although overnight temperatures are forecast to fall into the 20s.

See the print edition of The Ardmoreite for more information on this year's White Christmas storm.