Have trouble rising and shinning and looking well-rested? Here's some tips from dailyglow.com:

Give Your Skin a Chill — a hot steaming shower may be tempting, but it increases swelling and accentuates puffy bags. Instead hold an invigorating washcloth soaked in cold water over the eyes for a few minutes to wake up and shrink inflammation and puffiness.

Pay Extra Attention to Your Eyes — apply an eye cream to help moisturize the fragile eye skin. Look for one that is oil free and contains hyaluronic acid. Keep it in the fridge for extra defense against puffiness.

Find the Bright Side — applying a highlighting pencil to thee inner rim of the eyes counteracts redness and makes the eyes appear whiter and brighter.

Use the same highlighter underneath the eyebrows and under the eyes on the cheekbones for extra brightness.
Skip the Salt — avoid eating salty foods after 6 p.m. and sleep with your head propped up on pillows to help fluids drain

Bend Over Backward — getting your heart higher than your head encourages circulation which promotes a healthy glow, quiets the mind and reduces stress

Wake Up With Scents — certain scents stimulate the brain and can make you feel more awake. Three that do the trick –— jasmine, which increases beta waves, citrus and peppermint scents, which induce wakefulness by stimulating the trigeminal nerve (the same nerve that's activated when you're revived with smelling salts).

See the Light — an annoying blaring alarm doesn't help anyone feel more alert. A more natural way is to invest in a wake up devices that simulates sunlight, by creating "sunrise" 30 minutes before your set wake time.

Fresh Flowers — set a bouquet of favorite blooms on the nightstand, dresser or anywhere they can be seen as soon as you open your eyes. According to a Harvard study keeping fresh flowers in the home can make you feel more energetic, enthusiastic and happy at work.