MARIETTA —Dollar Tree, Inc., has announced an expansion of its distribution center.
The expansion will increase the current space occupied by 400,000 feet and is expected to create over 100 full-time jobs.
Construction on the expansion is expected to start in February and should be completed by fall of this year. The total cost of the expansion is expected to be approximately $25 million, financed by Dollar Tree using available cash.
"Dollar Tree has grown steadily for 26 years," Bob Sasser, President and CEO of Dollar Tree, Inc., said. "The expansion of our Marietta distribution center is consistent with our long-standing practice of building infrastructure to support future growth of our business. The additional capacity will allow Dollar Tree to continue to expand its reach and provide more value to more customers throughout the region."
Timothy Reid, Vice President Investor Relations for Dollar Tree, said the jobs created by the expansion of the distribution center would offer competitive wages and benefits, as well as opportunity for advancement similar to the existing facility.
The Ardmore Development Authority is coordinating construction on the project. Wes Stucky, President & CEO, said the ADA also coordinated the original construction project in 2003. The ADA is working with others, including the Marietta Development Foundation, on the expansion.
"Together, we work pretty well together," Stucky said. "We have a lot of assistance from people around the state and Ardmore."
Stucky said the project would allow Dollar Tree to service more stores. Expansion will also mean the addition of more sophisticated conveyer equipment. The ADA's involvement in the project is a natural extension of its mission as Love County falls within Ardmore's trade area.
"If it's good for the area then it is good for Ardmore," Stucky said.
The original project entailed its share of difficulties, which included the purchase of land as well as OG&E placing a transmission line around the facility. Stucky said he does not expect the expansion, which will take place on the north side of the current facility, to be difficult to coordinate.
"Plans were originally set up to allow for this expansion," Stucky said.
The distribution center supplies products to stores in eleven states, which includes all of Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. It also supplies portions of Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.
"Over the past 10 years, we have been extremely impressed with the business-friendly approach and support that the State of Oklahoma and Marietta have provided Dollar Tree," Sasser said. "This project is a reflection of our commitment to the Marietta area. The expansion will enable us to continue growing in the community while creating jobs and exciting career paths for our associates. We are proud to be part of this community."
Michael Pineda