John­ston County Sheriff Jon White has found himself in familiar circumstances since taking the oath of office Jan. 3.

White, who was elected to office in November, is serv­ing his fourth term as sheriff. He served three consecutive terms before leaving office eight years ago.

“I was just inspired to run again,” White said. “It was what I needed to do.” White has concerned him­self with administrative duties since taking office. He also has an election on his plate, which is considered crucial to the department.

Voters in Johnston County will go to the polls today in a special election to decide whether to extend a ¼ cent sales tax, which spans 10 years.

"It is an existing tax, not a renewal," White said. "It is simply continuing something in place solely for funding of jail operations. It includes employee salaries and utilities.

"I haven't really got any information on turnout," White said. "In person voting is going on and it looks to be a little light." White said rising costs are an issue when finding funding for departments, which is a trend he expects to see continue.

Since taking office, White said there have not been any real issues. As with most law enforcement agencies, crime and drugs are key issues that will garner significant attention. Working with other agencies is also on his agenda.

"We are kind of looking at the situation involving cooperation with other agencies," White said. "I am in the process of setting up meetings with particular agencies and boards that are in place such as DHS child welfare, 911 and other agencies. I want to meet with everyone and move from there and try to cooperate with them."