The Carter County Commissioners wel­comed in the New Year with some housekeeping duties during their week­ly meeting Monday.

Kevin Robinson was named chairman of the commission this year and Dale Ott will serve as vice­chairman. Also included on the list of activities was an annual tour of the Carter County Detention Center. Commissioners checked on cleanliness and also viewed techno­logical upgrades in the center.

“It’s very clean,” Ott said. “Housekeeping looks good and it gets an A-plus. Sheriff Ken Grace and his staff are doing a great job.” During the meeting, the commissioners ap­proved criteria for safety incentives for county employees. The first year incentive is $20 a month for each full month the employee works after full-time employment has been established. The second, and subsequent, incentive is $240 a year.

County officers are re­sponsible for determin­ing who qualifies and should an employee fail to qualify, they will have to re-qualify the follow­ing year as if it were their first.

Qualifications for the incentive are as follows:

■ County shall have in­curred no loss time claim or paid claim from any worker’s compensation claim filed by employee during fiscal year.

■ Employee shall have an 80 percent attendance at all required county safety meetings and must be present during the en­tire meeting.

■ The incentive is subject to monies being available from each office.

Changes in legislation for the Carter County Free Fair Board were also discussed during the meeting. Filing for the fair board must now go through the election board. To stagger the appointments, Kaye Seeliger, District 2, Belinda Callaway, District 1 and Tracy Christian, District 3 are on two-year terms.

Randy Johnson, District 2, Jim Williams, District 1, Jerry Graves, District 3, Billy Price, District 3, Larry Stewart, District 2 and Sharon Oakes, District 1 are on four-year terms.