LONE GROVE — With bids in for both the wastewater treatment plant and the collection lines, the city is looking at ways to reduce costs.
The city opened four bids this month for the collection lines. City Manager Ian O'Neal said the city was hopeful bids would come in below $5 million but that did not prove to be the case.
North Texas Trenching submitted the lowest bid at $5,421,035; the other bids were each over $6 million. The second lowest was submitted by BRB Construction of Topeka, Kan., with a bid of $6,827,392.
"It was higher than I expected it to be," O'Neal said. "I was expecting it to be around $5 million."
O'Neal said the city is considering accepting the second lowest bid for the plant, which was $6,110,000 submitted by BRB. The bids were submitted with deductibles added. Adding to those costs are engineering fees for Garver Engineering, consultant fees, a 10 percent contingency fee and right of way fees.
To finance the project, the city has received approval for an $11,750,000 loan from the Oklahoma Water Resource Board. But there is work to be done and the city has identified two deductibles it will eliminate to cut costs. One is for secondary headworks for future expansion. O'Neal said it can be brought to the table in the future should it prove necessary to meet city growth. The second is the administrative office.
"We are cutting the fat, trying to get the plant (cost) as low as possible for the taxpayers," he said. "We are also looking at cutting two more deductibles."
O'Neal said those would be discussed at the monthly council meeting Jan. 22. The city will also schedule a special meeting Jan. 28 to finalize the loan with the OWRB.
Michael Pineda