Oklahoma’s voter registration rolls surged during the election year of 2012 according to the State Election Board’s official annual voter registration statistics released today by Oklahoma State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax.

As of January 15, 2013, Oklahoma has 2,116,186 registered voters. This includes 962,072 Democrats, 897,663 Republicans, 256,450 Independents, and one (1) member of the Americans Elect political organization.

A year ago, on January 15, 2012, Oklahoma had 2,000,610 registered voters, including 943,283 Democrats, 828,257 Republicans and 229,070 Independents.

The statistics show over the past year, Republicans had a net increase of 69,406 voters, while Democrats had a net increase of 18,789 and Independents had a net increase of 27,380.It was a continuation of Oklahoma’s decades-long trend of Republicans and Independents increasing their share of registered voters. While Democrats still have the most registered voters in the state, their share of registered voters has decreased during the past year while Republicans’ and Independents’ respective percentages of Oklahoma voters have increased.

According to the data:

• Twenty years ago, in 1993, Democrats made up 63.7% of registered voters. A year ago, Democrats were 47.1% of Oklahoma’s registered voters. Today, Democrats are 45.5% of registered voters.

• Republicans comprised 33.3% of all registered voters in 1993 and 41.4% of registered voters a year ago. 42.4% of registered voters are Republicans today.

• Independents surged from just 3% of voters in 1993 to 11.5% of voters a year ago. Today, Independents comprise 12.1% of registered voters in Oklahoma.

• The Americans Elect party qualified for recognition during 2012, but did not qualify for continued recognition because it failed to nominate presidential electors for the 2012

• General Election. Americans Elect peaked at 18 registered voters in November, 2012, but state law required these registrations to be changed to “Independent” after Americans Elect ceased to be a recognized political party in Oklahoma. However, Americans Elect continues to exist as a “political organization” under Oklahoma law. Statewide, one voter in Comanche County has registered to vote and self-identified with the Americans Elect political organization.

The report of official voter registration by county as of January 15 is available on the State Election Board website: http://www.ok.gov/elections/documents/reg_0113.pdf

To view historical voter registration figures, visit this page on the State Election Board website:


To ask questions about elections in Oklahoma, visit the State Election Board’s website at http://elections.ok.gov.