The Artists of the Arbuckles will feature artist Ty Albright this month.

Albright’s pieces promise to fulfill the “spirit of wonder” that art can bring to people’s lives. Much of his work has a strong tie to the southwest­ern  American Indian; much of it is whimsical and much is satirical.

Albright is a self-taught painter and has painted his entire life. Historically he primarily painted with oil pain on stretched canvas, but more recently has been working with acrylic or latex paints on masonite board or re-purposed object such as cardboard, burlap tote sacks of cookie tins. Most recently, he has been working with images inspired by Native American petro­glyphs  (rock art). In the southwest, petroglyphus are often found on rock surfaces by archeologists. The art is often etched into rock surfaces by natives who still hold on to ancient traditions. Albright’s most recent work is inspired by these ancient images.

The gallery is open from noon until 4 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and is located at 330 W. Muskogee St.

To ask questions, or to call for special group showings, call Jean Carr at (580) 622-2216.