Keep it Safe and Healthy

Keep It Safe

Of all nonfatal unintentional injury events, 42 percent occur in the home, translating to nearly 12 million nonfatal home injuries each year.  These include falls, burns, poisonings, fires and burns, choking and suffocation, drowning and submersion.

Here are a few simple tips to keep you home safe:

Store poisons properly.  Out of reach for small children and NEVER in a food container. Secure throw rugs with non-slip backing to prevent them from moving or bunching up. Make sure you remove furniture with sharp edges or hard surfaces in areas where small children play or elderly maneuver in frequently. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and have a fire extinguisher on hand. Keep your home clutter free to help prevent falls, make a clear path for walking and access for emergency responders.  There should be a 32 inch clearance entering a room or seating area and 18 inches between seats and coffee tables or ottomans. 

By paying attention to some basic steps for home safety you can prevent unintentional injuries for your family.  Saving you time healing from an injury and money for treating an injury which could have been prevented.

Information provided by Dr. Gina Peek, Oklahoma State University Housing Specialist – 7 Principles of a Healthy Home Workshop Series.