Survey says that students at South­eastern Oklahoma State University are satisfied the university is meeting and, in many cases, exceed­ing their expectations. In fact, student satisfaction is higher at Southeastern when compared to results nationally at other four ­year institutions.

The Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory was administered to 447 Southeastern students in the spring and fall of 2012. The SSI is one tool uti­lized in assessing student satisfaction and priorities among various categories.

When asked if their col­lege experience has met their expectations so far, 88 percent of Southeastern respondents said expec­tations were met or ex­ceeded, compared to the national satisfaction aver­age of 84%.

According to the survey results, Southeastern stu­dents listed the following categories as most impor­tant: Academic Advising, Instructional Effective­ness, Safety and Security, Registration Effectiveness, Recruitment and Finan­cial Aid. In all five areas, Southeastern rated above the national average in satisfaction percentages.

Southeastern students also gave high marks in such categories as Con­cern for the Individual, Student Centeredness, Registration Effectiveness, Recruitment and Finan­cial Aid, Campus Life, and Service Excellence.

"I think these survey results confirm that our students are pleased with the quality of educational opportunities they are be­ing afforded at the uni­versity," said Southeastern President Larry Minks. "We strive to provide an environment and sup­port system that assists students in reaching their highest level of potential, both in and out of the classroom. As we recruit new students, we empha­size the importance of the individual attention they will receive from their professors and advisers at Southeastern."