HFV Wilson Community Center asked people to con­sider “What are you doing for others?” Monday during the Annual Martin Luther King Day Parade and Celebration.

Ardmore City Schools Su­perintendent Sonny Bates gave the keynote address, ty­ing the lessons to be learned from the “I Have a Dream” speech to things people can do today to bring about the world King dreamed.

“Dr. King is an epic icon to me,” Bates said. “He is a light I try each day to follow.” The audience found the speech captivating and gave it a standing ovation.

“It was right to the point. It connected Martin Luther King’s dream to preparing our kids for the future,” said Velvet Kendrick. “It gave ev­erybody something to think about — Are you doing some­thing to still make his dream a reality?” The words and actions of Dr. King inspired the youth in the audience, such as Miss Black Ardmore Beautiful-Joy Fields.

“Dr. King didn’t just speak, but showed the content of his heart,” Fields said. “The adversity, pain and sacrifice that he went through enables us to have this conversationtoday. Dr. King's work didn't just affect African-Americans, but everyone." The parade moved from Central Park to the community center and included entries from several area churches, local businesses and youth groups.

"I liked walking in the parade because I got to support our church," said Sharicco McGee, an Ardmore eighth-grader and member of Corinth Baptist Church.