The Oklahoma Department of Labor, in partnership with the Oklahoma Safety Council, has launched “Oklahoma’s Speak Out for Workplace Safety!” Video Contest.

This first-ever statewide initiative is designed to educate high schools students, grades 9 through 12, about injury prevention while on the job.

As students enter their first job, the workplace should be a challenging and rewarding experience for them. Therefore, to introduce the concept of workplace safety into the classroom, teachers will be required to teach “Youth@Work – Talking Safety published by NIOSH.” From there, students will produce a PSA video based on the safety concepts learned from the curriculum.

The purpose of the contest is to help students recognize their vulnerability to injury and illness on the job and how this may impact their lives. Furthermore, the contest will help students recognize that workplace injuries are preventable and predictable. As they learn to recognize hazards found on typical teen job sites, they are able to analyze the steps that can be taken to avoid injury and illness at work, understand their rights and responsibilities at work, and demonstrate how to communicate effectively with employers if they feel unsafe at work.

For teachers specializing in the hospitality and restaurant industries, the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education will also provide teachers with “Workplace Safety in the Restaurant Industry,” published by C-CAP.

“We are very excited to implement this young worker safety endeavor to more than 500 schools across Oklahoma,” stated Mark Costello, Oklahoma Labor Commissioner.

The top six student entries, one from each region, will win an iPad.

The deadline for students to submit entries will be March 8.

For contest rules, go to