HEALDTON — Conversation regarding issues surrounding the police department during a bi-monthly council meeting highlighted events Monday night. Among the concerns was the use of police units outside of city limits.

During the course of the conversation between Police Chief Tim Woodruff and the council, tempers flared and, as a result, Woodruff was suspended three days without pay by city Manager Charles Clark. Clark said the suspension was small given the service Woodruff has provided the city.

"I believe he has done a good job," Clark said.

Raises were also discussed during the meeting. A raise from $32,000 to $34,000 for Woodruff was discussed and tabled pending an executive session in a future council meeting. The council did meet in executive session and voted to give Clark a raise from $52,000 to $55,000.

"It was part of the initial agreement we had when I was hired," Clark said. He also said the raise was based on job performance.

The council discussed the speed limit on Hospital Road between Sinclair and Daniels Streets. Clark said the speed limit had been 25 mph and the council thought it was 35 mph. There was no record found determining the true speed limit and the council approved to make the speed limit 35 mph. Clark said the speed limit does not officially become 35 miles per hour until the signs are posted.