Will Rogers students will be celebrating Presidents Day with poetry and song Feb. 21.

The show will start at 7 p.m. at the Washington Theatre. Admission is $5.

“The president has to do a lot of work and has to make rules,” Keagen Williams said.

To prepare for the celebration, students are learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

“It’s to teach them a love of history and learning,” said kindergarten teacher Brittni Chaney.

Kindergarten students will recite a biographical poem about Washington and sing “You’re a Grand Ole Flag.” “I like President George Washington because he was our first president and he’s my favorite,” Presley Heissler said.

At such a young age, the main thing that sticks out in the kindergartners' minds is the fact that both Washington and Lincoln appear on money.

"It's a good thing to be on a bill," Malaysia Cohee said. "Being on a bill would be great." Students also noted the difference in clothing worn in the 1700s and 1800s.

"I like the way they dressed," Cohee said. "They had bow ties and dressed up in suits. We don't because we aren't the president and we have more colors now." The lack of colorful clothing was a big deal for students dressed in T-shirts representing their favorite bands.

"Their outfits were black. I wouldn't wear it," Jessica Huyn said.

In addition to the dislike of previous centuries' fashion, the students also realize that being president is a tough job that deserves being honored.

"Washington was very good and very smart. As president, you have to work a lot and speak into microphones," Marq Howard said.

Also, the winner of the school 's raffle will be announced at the show. Prizes are a set of Michelin tires made in Ardmore, valued at approximately $675, a $500 Walmart gift card and a $200 gas card. To purchase raffle tickets, $1 each, call (580) 223 2481. The deadline for the raffle is Feb. 20.

Money from admission and the raffle will be used to purchase a new speaker system for the cafetorium and more walkie-talkies.

"Right now, we only have six walkies," said Principal Paula Horne. "We want to have enough to post people with walkies around the building and the playground so we can communicate with each other." Door prizes will also be given out at the show.