As it stands, there will be an opening in Ward 4 following the April munici­pal elections. Councilman Charlie Devenport chose not to seek another term in office but no one filed for the position.

Despite the lack of interest during the filing period, Mayor Frank Schaaf said the ward seat has drawn some interest, with the possibility it will be filled in April.

“To me it is disappointing that no one will show an inter­est in the city,” Schaaf said. “But for whatever reason everyone must be busy. But someone will step up to the plate.” Devenport’s last meeting on the council will be in March. Schaaf commended Devenport for his work on the council.

“Charlie is one of a kind,” Schaaf said. “He is quiet, but he said what he meant and meant what he said.” The city has had several employee openings in recent months but Schaaf said the slots have been filled. The police department is at full strength and an animal control officer has been hired because the former officer took another position in Healdton.

“Things are getting back up to speed where they need to be,” Schaaf said.

Among the highlighted items to be addressed during this month’s meeting is the opening of bids for the new splash pad. Schaaf said the city has received two bids and is expecting to receive two more.