Legislation would add expand abortion reporting law was approved by a House committee Tuesday.

House Bill 2015, by state Rep. Sean Roberts, would add additional questions to the Individual Abortion Form completed by the abortion provider, add additional reporting measures to the Annual Abortion Report issued by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and allow registered voters to initiate legal proceedings against an abortion provider who fails to comply with the reporting requirements.

Roberts said the intent of the bill is to update reporting requirements to reflect law passed since the Statistical Abortion Reporting Law took effect in 2010.

“House Bill 2015 is needed due to the abortion-related legislation enacted during the three-year period since the Statistical Reporting Act became law in 2010,” said Roberts, R-Hominy. “The reporting requirements need to be updated to reflect the new laws.”

For example, House Bill 2015 requires that an abortion provider report whether or not they complied with the provisions of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which lawmakers overwhelmingly enacted two years ago, he said.

The Oklahoma House of Representative Public Health Committee approved the legislation by a vote of 7-3. If approved by the House Calendar Committee, the measure will be available for a hearing on the House floor.